Stone carving, my new passion?

Well, it’s summertime, and there are a lot of things on my ‘Things to do’ list. But one thing in particular has me pondering, stone carving or ‘sculpture’ if you will. It’s something I’m interested in doing, yet not having done it before, well, I carved soap stone many years ago but I’m thinking of a more harder stone these days, and I’m uncertain on how to go about it. I like the classical hammer and chisel idea, although I’m getting on in age and my hands may not be able to withstand such a beating, they ache at times as it is. I’ve been thinking of a more mechanical approach to it, yet I need to learn which tools would be best for each job and for the varying types of stone. As with most things, trial and error is the path I must take to start off with, hopefully it will not take very long in finding what works best for me. None the less, there are other things that need my immediate attention, so getting around to stone carving may take a couple of weeks, hopefully not, but we shall see.