Hello weekend, nice to see you

I figure I’d share my Facebunk posts with the rest of my readers here since most of you don’t know me on Facebunk, here is the beginning of this weekends posts, and I’ll keep you up dated from time to time. Not that I think anyone really cares, I’m just in a mood. If you want to find me on Facebunk, drop me a line and I’ll direct you, maybe 🙂

First post below, posted a few hours ago……..enjoy……..

Well folks, this is a weekend that I need to get much done, while my beloved missus and company go on a weekend vacation with family, on a house boat at some lake somewhere. I hope they have a blast. I’ll miss them, so will the puppies and kitties, and fishies. As for me, I’m with the puppies and kitties, and fishies getting some much needed work done. Over this weekend you’ll be privy to watching me lose my mind smile emoticon posting videos, and ranting about whatever, whilst doing some much needed spring/summer cleaning and what not, I predict a lot of garbage at the curb this Monday. I may not sleep much, except when I pass out. For those of you whom I haven’t insulted in some way or another, and have blocked or ignore my posts here on facebunk, stay tuned. this should be fun, or ridiculous smile emoticon. Be prepared for a little madness, bad language, outrageous opinions, and of course some philosophical thought/lecturing. You are all invited to laugh, cry, rage and laugh some more. Enjoy. Carry on.

A few hours later…….

Well, just sittin’ around, puttering, waiting to hear from the missus to say that they made it to the Kawarthas ok. Which probably won’t be for another hour or so. So, lets post a music video. I won’t be posting some obscure tunes/videos that few have heard. Not yet anyway. And my self-righteous opinionated acid tongue won’t rear it’s ugly head just yet. So get your helmets and seat-belts on and get ready for a reality beating folks, c’mon it’ll be fun. I promise it won’t hurt that much, maybe.