Hello weekend, nice to see you

I figure I’d share my Facebunk posts with the rest of my readers here since most of you don’t know me on Facebunk, here is the beginning of this weekends posts, and I’ll keep you up dated from time to time. Not that I think anyone really cares, I’m just in a mood. If you want to find me on Facebunk, drop me a line and I’ll direct you, maybe 🙂

First post below, posted a few hours ago……..enjoy……..

Well folks, this is a weekend that I need to get much done, while my beloved missus and company go on a weekend vacation with family, on a house boat at some lake somewhere. I hope they have a blast. I’ll miss them, so will the puppies and kitties, and fishies. As for me, I’m with the puppies and kitties, and fishies getting some much needed work done. Over this weekend you’ll be privy to watching me lose my mind smile emoticon posting videos, and ranting about whatever, whilst doing some much needed spring/summer cleaning and what not, I predict a lot of garbage at the curb this Monday. I may not sleep much, except when I pass out. For those of you whom I haven’t insulted in some way or another, and have blocked or ignore my posts here on facebunk, stay tuned. this should be fun, or ridiculous smile emoticon. Be prepared for a little madness, bad language, outrageous opinions, and of course some philosophical thought/lecturing. You are all invited to laugh, cry, rage and laugh some more. Enjoy. Carry on.

A few hours later…….

Well, just sittin’ around, puttering, waiting to hear from the missus to say that they made it to the Kawarthas ok. Which probably won’t be for another hour or so. So, lets post a music video. I won’t be posting some obscure tunes/videos that few have heard. Not yet anyway. And my self-righteous opinionated acid tongue won’t rear it’s ugly head just yet. So get your helmets and seat-belts on and get ready for a reality beating folks, c’mon it’ll be fun. I promise it won’t hurt that much, maybe.


Today’s rant for this pleasant day of November the 15th 2012… (posted on the 16th)

Good evening my fellow persons and assorted creatures, today’s rant is brought to you by the letters F and U. Grab a bit of what you fancy, sit back and enjoy this evening’s textual ride.

I’ll start off with my mobile provider, and the geniuses that work for this incredibly useful company. I will not name the company that provides me with the utmost in service wizardry, I will try to be respectful and polite, at first… I have used a few other providers in the past, but these folks take the cake. Needless to say I am no mobile Virgin. I will give you the brief version, and depending on how this plays out, I may give you the Extended version with names and detailed information…

A few weeks ago, I was advised that my personal information was given to another person over the phone, THAT WASN’T ME, and WITHOUT even asking who they were speaking too. WTF? And this was apparently a ‘manager’ in this company. Believe me, I had made my discovery known to them at that time, and again today via email. As I stated above, depending on how this is dealt with, as it is currently being looked into (or so I was told) I may or may not elaborate further on the matter in the very near future… Anyway, today I spoke with a representative of this lovely company, who spoke so incredibly soft, I couldn’t hear what he was saying, never mind understand what he was saying. I had my volume at max and still couldn’t hear him, had to ask him to repeat himself a few times. On top of that, he had no idea on what he was doing, put me on hold for a few minutes, and I’m trusting my info with this kid? Are you fck’n serious? I wasn’t even calling about the breach of security and privacy issue, I was just calling about my account. Nothing too difficult, well, you’d think anyway. After a while I just got annoyed, promised some amount on whatever date and said I’d call back later, which I will tomorrow after I’ve had a night’s sleep. I know that wasn’t much of a rant regarding my service provider, my apologies, but I have decided to dam the flow quite a bit until further notice. But wait! There are more topics/issues to sound off on :). Step into the next scene if you will………after you, gentle reader.

Now let’s see, cripes, I should’ve written this stuff down so I could remember…Ah yes, but first on a side note, looking to the right of the ‘Add New Post’ page here at WordPress, I see the ‘Recommended Tags’ list. What the hell do Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Chipper Jones have to do with anything I’ve written/typed so far? More genius wizardry at work it seems… Anyway, after chattin’ with this kid at ” * ” Mobile, I ended up being late for my doctor’s appointment, due to the combination of wasting my time with ” * ” Mobile and the mind numbing ‘tards of this town’s traffic. I was late by about 10 minutes, now I’m not one to say ‘if I have to wait for them, why can’t they wait for me’, because I get it, a schedule is a schedule, no big deal. But not going to see me at all? Because I was late 10 mins? If you moved on to the next person after me, that means you are ahead of the game a little, nes pa? And my appointment was supposed to be for only a few minutes (or so I was informed at the desk). So you can’t squeeze me in for those few minutes? I didn’t see anyone dying in the waiting room in need of immediate attention. So, there’s more wasted time for me today, oh joyous occasion. But still, no big deal. I rescheduled, and was on my way. I toured the mall, wasting more time at my leisure. Then headed back to my flat… yawn.

Let’s move on now, to slow moving people, shall we? And how they drive me owl screechingly mental, and have given me many a moment of mental anguish and strife. And I don’t just mean on the roads, walkways, and in the malls. I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, and not just physically, but mentally as well. You’ve seen them, they’re everywhere you go. And if you haven’t, well, maybe you should think about that for a second, just sayin’, *ahem* no offense. Aaanyway, you know the type, there always seems to be a few together that take up the whole space and meander along at a ‘Move faster or I’ll smack you in the back of the head’ pace. Or indecisive types that can’t make a relatively quick decision as to what direction they want to go, and seem to stall this incredible train of thought suddenly, right in front of you in the middle of the walkway. I now then have to make a quick decision to either stop suddenly as well, or pick a clear route around you, hoping you don’t decide to take the same path and cut me off. Where I would then plow into you and possibly knock you ass over teakettle. Thinking ‘Get the fck’ out of the way for chrissake!’, but saying ‘Sorry about that, my apologies’. Unless of course it’s a rude, careless, disrespectful teen or adult being a fool, then I say the former and think the latter. I, of course, will always respect the elderly. And having said that, I still think they should have their own lanes in every aspect of life, seriously, no offense. I think it would benefit everyone, especially the elderly. They’ve made it so far in life, give them a little leisure and space from the insane pace of humanity…. Sorry, I went a little soft hearted there, and I’m sticking to it. Since I’m starting to get on in age, I just want to secure my spot in the lane…

Then there is the ‘Pissing Contest of Politeness’, let me explain. There are many versions of this contest abound, I will describe the two most common. First scenario, two people arrive at a public entrance way to whatever, both are of the same sex, usually male. One opens the door and holds it saying ‘After you’, the other replies ‘no, after you’. The first round of ‘After you’ s, is just common courtesy and politeness. The second round gets a little irritating. After that it’s suddenly turned into brief pissing contest as to who is the more courteous of the two. Of which I would loose, because now, for me, it has turned into ‘Go ahead for fck’ sakes so I can shmuck you in the back of the head as you walk through….. asshole’. Well, maybe not that drastic, but you get the idea. These little contests are quick, lasting only 4 to 6 seconds. Watch the next time you are at a mall entrance or wherever there is a public, or even private, doorway. You may spot one of these contests, or even be in one yourself, and you may not even realize it. The other scenario is this, you are walking down a street, you come to an intersecting street at the same time as someone in a vehicle, gender does not matter in this version of the contest. Even though the person in the vehicle is at a stop sign and all pedestrians have the right of way, you motion to the driver of the vehicle to go ahead and turn or go straight (depending), you have now momentarily forfeited the right of way, having entered/started the contest. The driver then motions for you to go ahead and cross, and so on as in scenario one, until someone backs down and goes. Keep in mind, this version of the pissing contest can be more deadly if no one backs down or there is a miscommunication and both parties go. This version also tends to last a few seconds longer. In any event, the person who wins (the last person to walk through the door, or whatever) pats themselves on the back and feels good about being so courteous. The loser of the contest (the first one through the door) politely thanks the winner, while subconsciously thinking, ‘asshole…..I’ll have to try again on the way out’…

Now lets move on to… hmmm, let me see here….. how about this brief little tidbit? There are far more unhappy people in the word than you could imagine, and try hard to boost their self-esteem and their joy in life by posting various doctrines and mantras and so on. Which of course is all well and good, and helpful, and I even do it myself. Just don’t lie to yourself, or others wanting to help and encourage you. And beware of the false and misguiding phrases and sayings, such as ‘Never Regret’. Such bullshit. Take for example, saaaay, you’ve done someone wrong. And you’ve decided to not regret anything in your aging life and forget about it and move on. Good for you. But how about the person you’ve done wrong to, the one you’ve hurt? Chances are, it still lingers within them, depending on the incident of course, but let’s say it was a doozie, and emotionally scared this person. Years pass by and you’ve decided to have no past regrets and walk tall. Probably because guilt is eating away at you deep inside like a cancer, but whatever, you’ve put your chin up and are moving onward with life not looking back. Good for you, if in fact you went about it the right way, or should I say ‘healthier way’. So now you’ve brushed aside this wrong you’ve committed, while leaving the person you’ve wronged to deal with this wrong doing and emotional scarring. How do you feel? How would you feel if the roles were reversed? Even more hurt, and pissed right off I’d think. But if you don’t care and not feel anything and do your own thing, well congratulations, you are a self-indulging sociopathic twat and you are now part of what is wrong with this human world. But hopefully you feel, and that is good. Now stay with me, don’t start feeling bad about yourself if you are trying to not regret things, there is more to it. Now, if you ‘think’ you’ve done someone wrong in response to someone doing wrong to you, like living a life of abuse and one day not taking it anymore and walking away from it, or killing the other person (well, that’s a little drastic but you get the point) that shouldn’t be a regret. Making a difficult choice which will hurt another in order for you and/or those around you to have a better/healthier life is usually a necessity, and should never be a regret. Unless of course you do it because someone down the way can give you a bigger house, flashier car and more bling, then you’re just a self-preening douche, and again, congratulations you are also now part of what is wrong with the human world. Now the little things like, stealing a pack of gum when you were 12, or denting your Dad’s car when you were 16 or any little thing like that you should of course let go of and not regret, those are the little things in life that you can think on and smile, even shake you’re head in disbelief. Then there are regrets that are yours alone like smoking, regreting ever starting smoking is a big one, even I do. But you need to try and let that go and not regret because if you do you are not helping yourself, you are just hurting yourself. You started smoking at a young age, it’s done, you can’t change that, but you can change if you want to keep smoking. And just let it all go. And try and heal, and hopefully, god bless, you don’t develop anything critical. Then, there are the shady pasts of people that should be regretted. Like the crack head or coke fiend or even the social drug addict, if you are an addict and you regret starting the path of drug addiction, there is help. And you should always regret it and learn from it so as not to fall back into that state of life. If you can call it that. But if you enjoy and flaunt the fact you are a druggie, then once again, congratulations……. you know the rest. Or how about the tramp who likes to get double teamed, or just wants to get laid by whoever, whenever, and has no real relationships, nor wants one. This is tricky though, this issue could also be an addiction problem, or an emotional psychological issue. Which may require professional help (and I don’t mean a docksie). If you find you regret such a life style later on, you should, to a point. Unless you are dying of a STD, then yes, it’s ok to regret. What would it matter, you’re dying anyway, and that’s the shame of it. It’s not necessarily your fault however, everything is about sex, pretty much. Control is what’s needed, and consent. Unless you are an animal and enjoy being a nasty jizz trap or warty knob goblin (excuse my colourful terms for whore, male and/or female), and possibly spreading disease and so on. Yet once again,  congratulations…….

Bottom line, you should regret certain things, it helps to make you who you are, and learn. Let go of the little regrets, loosely hold on to the bigger ones, and never forget the major ones so you don’t fuck up again. If you don’t regret anything, you are basically telling yourself that it was OK to be that whore, or that crackhead, or to physically hurt someone, or to be a Bully, or be verbally abusive, or to kill someone, or steal from your family and friends or the public, to rape, to beat your children and/or pets, to be a liar…..etc… and are giving the green light for everyone else to be and do the same. Congratulations… And don’t be a hypocrite, don’t expect others to regret anything they’ve done to you, if you don’t regret anything yourself. What goes around, comes around. Share your regrets with your children, so that they may learn and not end up doing the same stupid shit you’ve done. Unless of course that’s what you want, then you deserve one last, Congratulations…….

I have much more to rant about, such as; Donald ‘Squirrel Head’ Trump (I just added that one having looked at the recommended media articles), Being Yourself?, Real Men?, Women in general, Bicyclers & Bikers, More on the pending ” * ” Mobile issue, City Councillor Pam Wolf having been charged with DWI or DUI depending on where you are, the Christmas parade and plenty more, so stay tuned kids, that’s all for now. Carry on and good night.


Today’s Rant

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, just getting out a quickie this morning. Let me grab a java first, mmmmmmmmm smells good.

Are we now going backwards ladies and gentlemen, weren’t the 90’s and early 2000’s about loving who you are, respecting yourself and each other. ‘Cool’ kids and ‘nerds’ respecting each other and hanging out together, no more (well, not as much) social separation, giant walls coming down, etc…etc……I happened to see this ‘Cover Girl’ commercial the other day with Ellen Degeneres…………where

she states, and I quote, “Inner beauty is important, but NOT as important as Outer Beauty”……..Are you serious?! Sooooo……..you telling women every where that who you are on the inside is ok, but……..what’s ‘most important’ is how you ‘Look’ to the world? What does this teach young girls? I see 6 and 7 year olds being concerned with what they wear and how they look, and get upset & are afraid to wear something if they think they will get laughed at. Are you fucking serious!? 6 & 7 year olds!? I blame the U.S. to start with (that, and bad parenting as a result of this society) and it’s insecurities as a nation, and the utter sewage that comes from it (Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc…etc…I could go on forever). But I’ll get to that another time, since I’ve noticed a few things on this particular issue recently, and how it’s effecting Canadians. Anyway, I also look at the Kids shows, and the young adult shows on the boob tube, and most of it is crap. Even kids shows have female characters that are half dressed in tight clothes, and are made up to be impossibly attractive…WTF? Who also have disrespectful-smart-ass-ed attitudes and are way toooo concerned about fashion. I thought we, as a society, were addressing the self-esteem issues many people have, especially young girls. It’s not the fashion & Glamour sheep who are at fault though, they’ve been programed to be that certain way in order to get the attention and love they’re looking for. It’s the Fashion & Glamour ‘Sheppard’s’ that are to blame, who in turn, have their own issues. It’s these dictators that need to be dealt with, and helped. People, PLEASE, don’t be fooled. ‘Inside’ is MOST important First, the rest comes after. My partner, or girlfriend if you will, knows first hand what all this bullshit does to young impressionable minds, as she deals with young females with these issues (among others) as her job.Let me try and put this in perspective……………you have your inside self (basically, ALL that you are is in that grey matter between your ears, THAT is YOU). Then, you have your outer self, if you are more concerned with prettying it up to look ‘Hot’ and neglect the inner you, it’ll end up killing you one way or another, and it’s not just yourself you’d be hurting. NOW, think of it this way….you have a flashy car (representing the outer you) that you spend stupid amounts of time and $ on to make it look ‘Hot’ in order to get the attention you think you need. But, you’ve been neglecting your own health, so much so that you are quite ill and can barely function, but you don’t care, the car (outer you) looks hot. You’re behind the wheel (‘you’ represent your inner self [brain] at this point). You’re out cruisin’ society, ‘lookin’ good, but barely able to keep it together. But you don’t care, nobody can see ‘you’ in here, the outside looks ‘hot’. Finally, it comes to a point were you are too ill from ‘inner’ neglect, and the strain from trying to keep it all under control (and/or trying to maintain the illusion of you having control) is too much and you crash, totaling the car AND yourself………nuff said…………………Think of life as a sweet iced cake, you don’t ice the cake before you bake it. It’s what’s inside the cake that makes the cake, the icing is really just a self indulgent filler for that sweet tooth. Treat life like baking a cake and you’ll have a sweet life…….Hopefully anyway.


People, please…………..don’t take steps backward, (which seems to be the current trend) don’t hide what’s inside. Don’t ‘Cover up’ any self-esteem issues. Build up your self esteem from the inside, it’s a much more stable foundation for a successful life. If you need to talk, then do so, find someone to talk to either professionally or not, just do it. There is no shame in it. Take care of what’s inside FIRST, then do a little work on the outside ‘if’ it’s actually necessary. Here’s another example (I’m getting metaphorical again, but if it helps someone…….) ‘You don’t fix-up the outside of the house, if the inside is rotting out’.

It’s hard enough trying to get the young minds to understand what’s most important, when the ‘social vanity’ disease is everywhere out there. We, as a society, really don’t need another pathetic ‘beauty’ commercial telling the depressed impressionable populace that it’s not good enough, or acceptable, being you.

I think I’ve had, just a little tooooooooooooo much coffee. Well, it’s time to head to the supermarket for some goodies. Hopefully we can find more Quinoa, last time we were lucky.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, be good to each other and be careful out there.
Carry on.