I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, just a quick note. I hope all is well with you all, and that you all had a joyous Christmas. Even though it’s been a green, wet Christmas season here in the Great White North. Or should I say the Great ‘Green’ North. It’s been unseasonably mild up here, with record breaking warmth so far this season. To all the global warming deniers, you may want to rethink your beliefs on the matter. Most seem to enjoy the lack of snow and mild temperatures, and ignore the fact that our mother earth, along with all it’s creatures, is in distress. So i ask you then, is it too late? Some say yes, some say no. As for myself, I , for the most part, believe yes, yet hope for no. None the less, I don’t intend on making this post about the global warming issue, therefore I shall carry on as intended.

Christmas with family here was pleasant and joyful enough, even though the missus has been quite ill since Christmas day. She has been slowly recovering, and today seems to be much better, yet not 100%. I have not yet fallen ill, and hope not to. But time will tell. The puppies and kitties are all well, and are up to their usual antics. Although are currently all down for their late morning nap. Christmas, though festive enough, seemed to come and go quite quickly this year, I felt. Nor did the atmosphere feel overly ‘Christmasy’, if you will. Possibly the lack of snow coupled with the warm weather made it feel less, ‘Christmasy’. Who knows, maybe it’s just me. Looking back, I do miss those Christmas seasons with snow up to your knees, visiting friends and family with your parcels and packages. Brushing off the snow and warming up with a drink or two. The only thing missing this year was the snow and cold. Ah well. I do hope, however, that the rest of you ladies and gentlemen didn’t feel it too short, such as I, and had a wonderful Christmas season.

So with that ladies and gentlemen, I bid you adieu for today. The new year, 2016, is upon us. Where has the time gone?


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