Good morning folks, some changes are coming soon.

Good morning folks, hope you all are enjoying this lovely, dreary Autumn morning. I post this as I listen to the road construction crew just outside my front door, digging up the street and replacing all the old water and sewer pipes. They were originally supposed to be done by now, but have fallen way behind and have hired another crew to catch up, or so we’ve all been told. They now figure to be done by mid November. I sure hope they get it all finished before the first snow fall.

Anyway, before I head off to the cafe this morning I thought I’d drop a note or two here on my blog. I plan to make a few changes in the near future, try to post more art related posts. Yet I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that here on this blog, or my other one, which I’ve barely used. This blog is kind of a mess and all over the place, I plan to clean it up a bit. Rearrange and/or delete some things that I find to be pointless. I’ve been inspired lately to produce more work, yet can’t really find the time these days. I hope to change that soon as well.

I’m not sure if I have any readers anymore, I wouldn’t blame any of you since I haven’t been posting much of anything for some time now. But, there’s a quote that I recall, that stays with me. I’m not sure who said it, and it is originally about writing but I twist/modify it for painting as well. It is as follows, “It is better to write/paint for the self and have no public, than to write/paint for the public and have no self.” Although, if any of you are still out there, I do appreciate it. Thank you.

Enjoy your day folks, be creative. Even if it’s only just a little scribble on a piece of paper.




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