Yes, my childhood was just fine thank you.

Someone asked me about my childhood in regards to my last post about the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. Well, my childhood was great, I can’t say I was a perfect child of course, I had a little attitude at times 🙂 but all in all, it was good. The sun seemed to shine most days, even in the dead of winter. Back then there were no smartphones, cell phones, etc….. we were always outside doing something, more active, more interactive. We played soccer, baseball, rode our bikes, played with action figures with our friends in the neigbourhood. Pretended to be ‘archeologists’ looking for fossils or lost civilizations by the local creek. Building forts, reading comic books and collecting hockey or baseball cards. Riding our bikes down to the corner store to buy 15 cent popsicles, or a pop in glass bottles, no plastic back then. And in the cold winter, we’d skate and play hockey until our ankles were sore and our fingers and noses were numb. Or go tobogganing at the local ‘giant hill’. And any sort of abuse was never heard of or even thought of. It just didn’t happen, but of course, I’d be too naive to think it didn’t happen to someone, somewhere. Of course, however, we weren’t all connected by the internet back then, and we hardly knew what was going on around the world, or even around town. You only heard of things via the six o’clock news, the daily newspaper or word of mouth. Not like today. So, that is why I’m still on the fence about this new sex-ed curriculum. In the modern age, it can be a good thing, born out of good intention. However, it can also, like anything else, be turned into a bad thing by devious evil minds. I personally think the human world is growing out of control, running before learning to walk so to speak. I blame the internet, a good thing, that can also be very bad, twisted by predators. And the explosion of popular music that exploits sexuality and the now acceptable image of young women being more promiscuous, even whorish. I’ve always said, if an artist has no real talent, they’ll fall back on sex because sex sells. And by pushing the line of what’s acceptable and moral we end up desensitizing our youth. Which is dangerous. But, I suppose we shall see how this will play out, I just don’t see it ending well. But that’s just me.



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