Good afternoon, and Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day folks! I hope folks out there are enjoying the Victoria Day weekend, here in Canada that is. The weather here is nice, a little overcast yet hot and humid. I was hoping to enjoy the sun today, since I’m lucky enough to have the day off from the kitchen at the cafe’. Later we’ll be driving out to Mount Forest to meet up with a friend of the missus, who’s nice enough, but unfortunately I find her a little irritating. You know, the kind of person who barely takes a breath when she’s going on and on about one thing or another, usually about herself. Haha. There always comes a point when I think to myself ‘for christ sake, does she never stop talking, jessssus’. She’s quite a busybody, however, she is really very nice and personable. And nosy. Ah well, cest la vie.

My plants and flowers are doing well, except for my little Japanese Maple, which I previously mentioned, didn’t make it through the winter. I’m still a little miffed about it, ah well, I’ll see if I can find another that’ll fit the bill. I’ve been thinking of building another little pond, but space here is limited. Maybe I can come up with some sort of smaller, portable design. I’m also thinking of getting into bonsai, if I can find the time to dedicate to it. Ah well, one thing at a time.

Enjoy the day folks, go and do something you’ve been putting off. Cheers!


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