Hibiscus for the Missus


Picked up a few flowers and plants last week, which included this Hibiscus I got for my love for Mother’s Day. It’s quite beautiful, and she’s been saying she’s always wanted another one. It blooms every day, beautiful yellow flowers. Hopefully it lives, knowing our luck with plants lately. Not sure whether to keep it inside, or put it outside now that spring is upon us. However it got quite cold last night so I figure we’ll wait until June to put it out, if we decide to put it out. Our other plants and flowers seem to be doing fine out there, however, I’m still not happy with the fact that my Japanese Maple didn’t make it through the winter, nor the Rose bush. But I’ll still try and see if anything can be done to possibly resurrect them. Enjoy the sun folks, if it’s shining where you are that is, Cheers!


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