When it comes time to go see your children at their school’s Christmas plays, don’t be ignorant and rude.

This afternoon my girlfriend and I went to watch her daughter’s school Christmas assembly. It went quite well, the little ones are always fun to watch, good for a kindhearted chuckle. But what burns my onions , are the parents that bring a small child or two, or more to this event. It’s fine if they are able to be quiet, but if they clearly won’t settle down and chatter or cry, have some respect for everyone else and kindly sneak out the side if you are unable to calm them down, and try to do so out in the hallway. Don’t just sit there and try a half-assed attempt to get them to be quiet. Also, if you don’t have any children with you, and your son or daughter isn’t up on stage at the moment, don’t chit chat with the people around you. Shut your hole and don’t be rude, ignorant. But what’s even worse, are the people that get up and leave after their child’s class have finished their performance. Don’t be that rude, ignorant, self-righteous trash. Have some respect for all of the other children that have practiced their lines, etc for weeks, and are most likely nervous as all get out. Show respect also for the other parents in the audience, and school staff. Don’t be that selfish twat that just walks out, sit and watch the entire show, they deserve your attention, support and appreciation. A child appreciates being appreciated and supported for something they’ve practiced and worked hard at to show you, and others, on that stage. They deserve to feel proud of their performance, then, and in the future. So don’t be rude, show some love.
Cheers, and Merry Christmas folks.


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