Summer, the search for new diggs, and the state of limbo….

Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, well almost. It feels like it none the less. Sitting out in the sun and watching the greenery get greener, and the flowers blooming, and the little bees hard at work collecting pollen and looking for a new place to build a hive. The little birds flitter around, looking for bugs, little seeds, and keeping an eye open for that perfect spot to build a nest, makes me realize that my ladyfriend (or ‘partner in time’, if you will) and I, have something in common with the little creatures emerging from the cold bite of winter. We ourselves are also looking for a new nest to move into, a townhouse or something of the like, somewhere around town. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy and we haven’t found anything yet, that is to our liking, or close enough. So, we are in a state of limbo, not knowing where we will end up quite yet, but the search continues. One thing is most important though, there has to be a yard big enough for the Misfits, plus one new member to the pack.

Well folks, since my dryer is on the blink, I’m heading out to go hang some laundry in the sun, and see how my little garden is doing, and maybe even take a brief nap under the brolly :), Cheers.


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