This is the kind of thinking that’s tripping people out about tomorrow…

The time has come! Tomorrow is ‘December 21st 2012’! And when you wake up tomorrow, you know what’s going to happen? …..Sweet FA….. Well, I’ll be keeping an eye on the news tomorrow, because some crazy shyte may happen. Not because it’s actually the end, but because of all the hype, the massive world wide hysterical buildup that got us all to this point, and it may just tip some folks off kilter. The fanatics and the insane are the ones I’m more concerned with tomorrow. well, any day actually :). It’s kind of like a year long, or more, bout of foreplay, maybe more like getting it on… and you finally get to that point where you’re going to explode in intense ecstasy!……….. and nothing happens……. that can drive people mad. That’s what I’ll be watching for. So be careful out there folks, maybe the zombie apocalypse will start, who knows………. But anyway, here is a sample of the numerous shows, etc, out there that have been twisting it up a bit, making assumptions, and fabricating bits and pieces of info to fill in the blanks. By the way, I’m just talking about the end of the world theory(ies), not aliens. Aliens coming to earth is another matter. Cripes, could you imagine, aliens coming back to earth, and them thinking Gangnam Style with it’s huge popularity, is some sort of world wide ancestral ceremonial song and dance giving respect and worship to the gods?……….Maybe the end of the world isn’t such a bad idea after all…..

Well, goodnight fellow earthlings 🙂 and if there’s an apocalypse, good luck, Cheers!


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