The World will NOT be ending tomorrow folks…

Alright folks, take a deep breath, and give your head a shake. The world will NOT be ending tomorrow. And here are just a couple videos as to why…

I also have a feeling that in about 9 months, there will be a surge of births, a baby boom if you will, all created by morons. That’s what scares me more. And this weekend, I’m sure there will be many sighs of relief (don’t know why, we can go at any moment, any time, anywhere) and a lot of ‘Geez, the World didn’t end, don’t I feel like a fool’. Also, keep your eyes open for the crazy people that may be thinking that if it’s the end of the world, I’ll just do whatever I want and won’t have to pay the consequences, who cares. These people are the most dangerous. I also have an odd feeling about mass suicide around the globe as well, more to do with doomsday cults and so on. Everyone seems to have worked themselves up over the Mayan Calender and the end of the world for the past year or more, with the help of the media of course, and even Hollywood had a helping hand. Personally, I think it’s also a cash cow for some people and businesses. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion, and many assumptions have been made. The Mayans never actually mention it being the end of the world, ‘Doomsdayers’ have filled in the blanks, and have assumed that ‘end of a cycle’ means ‘end of the world’, which it doesn’t. I may write more about this subject later, or not, I kind of feel like I’ve wasted enough time on it already. By the way, when the calender on your wall gets to Dec 31st, does that mean the world will end? No, it means you have to get another calender. But, if the world were to end, I somehow get the feeling it would end to the tune of Gangnam Style…



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