Instead of one big post of various things…

I will just write several posts instead, and since I’m not feeling all that well, it may be over a few days… Anyway, today’s first random choice is Nostradamus and his ‘predictions’ for 2012 & 2013… and they are as follows…


L’ire insensee du combat furieux

Fera a table par freres le fer luire

Les despartir, blessee, curieux

Le fier duelle viendra en France nuire.


The senseless rage of a furious war

Will cause brothers to unsheathe their swords at table

They are separated, wounded, curiously cured

The proud duel will cause harm to France.



Le camp Ascap d’Europe partira,

S’adjoignant proche de l’isle submergee

D’Arton classe phalange pliera,

Nombril du monde plus grand voix subrogee.


The aimless army will leave Europe

Meeting once more near the submerged island

The ranks of the d’Arton fleet will collapse

And a new world centre, with greater voice,

    will be substituted.

And there you have it. Did Nostradamus’s predictions for 2012 come to pass? Who’s to say, it’s pretty general and could be about anything. As for the 2013 prediction, we shall see I suppose. Not that I believe that he has ever ‘truly’ been right. I leave it all up for you to decide.


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