Virgin Mobile

It has become quite apparent to me that @virginmobilecan has no idea on what they are doing. Having waited a week for the monkeys that work there to get back to me, after I was promised that it was being ‘looked into’, I tweeted my inquiry as to what was going on. I got a reply that they had a whole bunch of info, thanks for getting back to me on that by the way (*sarcasm), they then asked me what I was looking for. Are they fkn’ serious!? I explained the whole issue I have with them to their PR once already! I guess no one is paying attention. It seems I am not actually conversing with a ‘real’ person either, but just a bunch of bullshit automated replies. What a garbage company. I highly suggest you DO NOT use Virgin for anything. Not only is your personal information NOT secure, and can be leaked to ANYONE, their services are garbage, and the people, if there are ‘actual people’ that work @virginmobilecan , the ‘friendly hip atmosphere’ they spout out at you is just a bunch of BULL, as well as the concerts and other goodies they’ll shove in your face. It’s just covering up the fact that Virgin, and the geniuses that work there, are useless, and of course, don’t actually give a shit about you. I suggest you use another service provider, do not waste your money, and time with this company. The fees sneak up on you as well, and they neglect to tell you the actual truth about them when you sign up for a service. Bottom line, AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE services period, and if you currently use their services, my advice is to pay off whatever you need to break away from them, trust me, you will be better off.


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