It’s been a little while…

Golden sugar maple tree

Golden sugar maple tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, how have you been? All is well with you I hope. It’s been a little while since I’ve been here, or have posted anything. I took a step back, relaxed, and looked over everything, Saw everything for what it truly is, like it or not. Having done this, I believe I’ve changed some, maybe even considerably, it’s hard to say. But one thing is for sure, I’ve changed. Or, ‘grown’ is what I should say, I have grown. Grown, expanded, added to, learned, opened, etc, etc, all of these words or labels will do. And, I’m a little tired. Non the less, still moving forward. Slow at times, yes, but still onward.

At the moment I’m sitting having a coffee and watching the leaves fall from the trees outside my window, I particularity like the maple tree across the way with it’s bright yellow and orange leaves. The misfits are playing a bit behind me, and I’m thinking of all the things/topics I’ve accumulated, since I’ve last been here, to post about. Which I won’t write about today, or at least at this moment. I have a few other things to do today first, which I’ve been putting off lately. But I will post more soon, rest assured.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all by the way, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is going well so far, Enjoy!



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