Bitterness, let it go…..

Just back from the corner store, ran into the guy that used to live with his long time GF in a place behind me. We always got along and hung out at times. Anyway, got to chatting together, turns out that his GF left him. And he was still quite bitter about it. I won’t say the expletives he chose, but, he seemed miffed. I felt sorry for the poor bastard of course, lord knows I’ve been down that road. And I mentioned that he seemed really angry still. So then he went off again, retelling the brief story in a different way. With a little more added, probably trying to justify his anger and bitterness. Then started to go on about women in general. Easy man, settle down. I then told him that, there is really no point in carrying anger and bitterness around with you, the only one it hurts is you. I get that you were hurt and still are upset. But look at it this way, be glad that it happened. Do you want her to see you now, as an angry ass? Sure, you tell yourself that you hope the partner that left hurts and suffers like you. You think that that would make you feel better. 9 times out of 10, that’s not going to happen, not in the way you’d hope anyway. And if she did care for you, then for sure she hurts too, but won’t show you. Yes It’s difficult but, look back and be happy it all happened, well, the good things anyway. And I’m sure once in awhile, she might as well. Just let it go, there will be someone someday somewhere for you. And if there was that special thing between you two, maybe one day you’ll both be back together. But, don’t hope and wish for it, or think too much about it happening. It’ll drive you mad, and waste your time, and probably let you down. Just don’t forget, or do anything stupid. See what comes up next on the horizon, if she’s there, if she’s not, you still have to live.

I used to be angry years ago, but look at it all as part of my journey, everyone in my life was/is meant to be there, I look at it all with fondness and sure a little pain, I’m human. But I’m not angry. And if there was a strong bond between myself and anyone, and was meant to be, it will be. If not, maybe someone in the future. You don’t know until you get there. So don’t hurt yourself with anger and hatred, enjoy what you can and look back with a smile.

We then chatted a bit more, he sort of seemed to get what I was rambling on about, we wrapped it up and went on our separate ways. I thought for a moment, wondering if I helped at all, or made it worse. He’s quite a few years younger than I, 10 I think. So who knows. I probably never will. Oh well, he’s on his own. I hope it works out for him somehow.

Yes I may not carry anger and bitterness, but I do let sorrow get to me sometimes. But it’s all good.

I then remembered I forgot to put broccoli in my soup.

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