The Picasso exhibit…


Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline (Photo credit: Bobolink)

Went onto Toronto yesterday with a couple friends, one of which I haven’t seen since college, 20 years ago. It was good to see my old college friend again, chat, and catch up. Traffic wasn’t too bad heading in to Toronto, quite light actually, oddly enough. Shane and I reminisced about the good ol’ days, and so on, he told me about a couple of unfortunate things however. Like the death of one of our old friends from cancer a few years ago or so, and the tragic addiction to drugs of another, after a nervous breakdown. Quite a shame, both were very talented artists, and I remember them fondly. We arrive at Toronto, Drove along part of the course for the Toronto Indy race coming up soon, which I can’t wait for, I watch it every year. Or at least try to. Anyway, we park and head over to Jack Astor’s for some lunch and a few beverages. I had forgotten it was Pride week, so there were all sorts of things going on around there yesterday, and today probably. There were other events going on as well, that had nothing to do with pride week, like Canada Day weekend celebrations etc… the weather was beautiful for it, a little hot but not too bad really. I love Toronto, it had been quite awhile since I’ve been there, and some things have changed a little, but still the city I remember. After filling our gullets, we headed over to the gallery to catch the exhibit, which was only a short jaunt down Dundas. The exhibit was quite good, and of course there is no photography permitted, although I was going to try and sneak a few with my phone, but, I was too busy looking at the work. There were/is seven rooms of his work to go through, paintings, sketches, sculpture, and photographs as well. Quite good. The exhibit is at the AGO until mid August, I believe. If you are in the Toronto area, and even have a slight interest in Picasso’s work, I’d advise you to go see it. I may even go again in August, we’ll see. I’d have to say, “The Kiss” is one of my favorite Picasso paintings, and “The Goat” my favorite sculpture. After the gallery, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe‘ to chill a bit before we went back out on the road. I hadn’t been there for many years either, it’s changed a lot. I remember it being much smaller, but those memories are a little foggy. We headed out after awhile to find the car, which we did, but it took a bit to figure our way out. None the less, the traffic heading home wasn’t too bad either. We got back into town, got some coffee and hung out at my flat for a bit, chatted, reminisced in the fading daylight. I hope to do it again some time.

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