Lyn’s words from the protest…

The below comments, report etc… are from Lynn G’s experience at the protest this past weekend, I have not altered it at all, nor have any rights to any part of it. Enjoy.


I could not get the Cambridge police to respond but they gave me the emergency number for Cambridge Animal Control. This is part of the Cambridge Humane Society which is an affiliate of OSPCA not a branch. That means they are good guys. I got in touch with an officer who was driving and pulled over to take down the information. She is contacting another officer who is responsible for animal abuse …whom she said has already been to see the circus this afternoon. After a fairly long conversation with her, she decided to ask the officer to monitor all of the shows. Not sure that will happen but it could. She also did not condone the circus. So these are really good people who support the protestors. I think it will be fantastic of TZ realize they are going to be monitored for the duration of their performances. Will let you know if I hear anything further. The police officer I spoke to kind of got a chuckle out of the whole thing and told me he wasn’t sure who he could send to check out animals in a circus. He did say if he can, he will go over himself and see that they are being treated properly 🙂
RESIDENTS OF CAMBRIDGE. Last month there was an article about three members of the Cambridge City Council who voted against having the circus come to town. Another Councillor was very much for it and stated he was sure the Shriners looked after the animals very well. His name is Ben Tucci. I wrote and gave him some facts of life about TZ Productions. Following is his response to me and my subsequent response. Please contact your City Councillors on Monday and tell them you do not want the circus in town. I know its too late for this year but it might help for next.
It is also interesting to note that after my letter to him which was copied to the other 3 councillors, one of them signed the petition. If you haven’t done so, please make sure you do. It goes to the Mayor and Councillors.

From: Ben Tucci <>
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2012 11:06:54 AM
Subject: Re: A Few Facts You Are Unaware Of

Sorry but I’ll go with the report back from the Humane Society who we contract to drop in to the circus unannounced to “audit” them. Their report is clean and it is from their report I continue to take comfort. If their audit found the animals were not being taken care of as some of your selected reports suggest, I’d have a different view. Thanks though!

My response:

The Cambridge SPCA has very competent people working for it. I spoke to an Officer Lopes and was pleased to hear how efficient they are at monitoring the Shrine Circus. Unfortunately not all venues have such consciensious people looking out for the animals.

It may be that while TZ Productions are in Cambridge they know they are being scrutinized and act accordingly. That does not change what happens to and from each destination or while remaining at other venues.

While you may take comfort in the report you receive, you continue to support a genre of entertainment long past its prime and no longer acceptable in many forward thinking cities and countries. One which is not only cruel to the animals it exploits but risks public safety. Last month the Provincial Government tabled Bill 69 in the Legislature to protect circus animals. If you read the Bill you will see “circus handlers employ abusive and outdated disciplinary tools…based on a a system developed hundreds of years ago”.

You can read the Bill in its entirety here:

If that does not convince you your assessment of the situation is unjustified then it would seem the only thing that may, will be a disaster where either humans or the animals will end up injured or dead.

Thank you for your response.


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