Looks like a good day to protest…

I read in this mornings paper about a protest that will be going on this evening not far from here. Some folks are gathering, with the support of PETA, to protest the Shrine Circus that has rolled into town. They will be protesting the mistreatment of the caged animals in circuses, which I completely agree with. I am very adamant on how I feel and think about the subject. Animals should not be kept in small cages, mistreated, injured and sometimes death is a result of such treatment. All for greed and the ‘Entertainment’ of the ignorant ‘masses’. If I offend you with today’s post, and opinions on this matter, it’s rather unfortunate. I however am sorry if I have, in a personal way, as one individual to another. None the less, I am not sorry for what I say, feel and think here today. I may even lose some followers/readers after this post. If I do, I bid you farewell, and I hope you find what you are looking for, regarding your blog interests. Having said that, lets move on. I’ll post the link to this event here in a moment. And after, if I’m not arrested, I will post photos of the event, if I manage to take any. It’s going to be a peaceful protest, but, you never know what can happen. But things don’t need to get out of control here. Especially since it’s a stones throw away from the police station. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the police department, everyone has a job to do. Anyway, here is the link to the event on Facebunk…


Well, I’m going to try and round up some more like minded folks for this event, will post more later this evening.


8 responses to “Looks like a good day to protest…

  1. I HATE animal circuses 😦 I’ll be fair and say that perhaps not all are bad to their animals, I just don’t know to be honest!
    I volunteer at Adelaide zoo and I love it. The zoo’s number 1 priority is the animals. I just hope most zoos feel the same way! I think most zoos are pretty good now-a-days. The animal enclosures are designed to look and feel like their natural environment. Adelaide zoo has a volunteer group that makes enrichment toys to keep the animals active, healthy, and entertained. I just thought I’d mention this coz one of the other comments mentioned zoos 🙂

  2. I agree. we all really should make an effort to protect animals from cruelty. My heart cries blood when i see a tortured animals from television, photos etc. I am a huge animal lover and these things are very close to my heart.

    Respect to you!

    Warm greetings from Finland,


  3. It’s a conflicting situation for me. I think circuses & even zoos are entertaining, but I do feel bad for what they do to the animals sometimes. I hope the protest goes well.

    • There were a few over the weekend, I didn’t attend them all, but I hear it went well. I understand your conflicting feelings over this issue, it can be difficult. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. 🙂

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