What would I do with an extra $1000?

Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada.

Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hmm. Well, I read on Miss Warrell’s blog, a fellow blogger here at WordPress, about the ‘Ten Things I Would Do With $1000’. Which I must say I found to be both amusing and thoughtful. After reading it, I started to think about the ten things I would do with an extra $1000. I actually came up with quite a few things, however I’ve managed to narrow it down to Ten things, and they are as follows. Lets go for a ride shall we…..

Keeping in mind that here in Canada, if I were to use this imaginary $1000 for purchases, approximately $180+ of it would go straight to taxes. And the cost of things here are a little more expensive, than say…..the U.S. for instance. Now having said that, let’s get too it…..

1. I’d top off my bills, debts, etc… give me a little more room to breath, you know how it is.

2. Stock my refrigerator, and spend the rest on non-perishable groceries and donate it all to the local food bank. For those folks in need during hard times, to feed themselves and their families.

3. I would get a load supplies, such as paper, canvas, paint, brushes, another sketchbook or two, graphite sticks, pencils, etc, etc… possibly even/or another table.

4. Rent a cabin for a week, maybe up at Lake Nippising. Bring all my gear, and so on. Bring a friend or two, relax by the dock, go out on the lake, etc…

5. Pick a room and redecorate it. Get a few antiques, some paint, Roman blinds or tab curtains, and so on…

6. Throw a dinner party for family and friends, were I would prepare and cook the main(s) but I would need someone to do the baking since that’s not really my thing. Unless it’s out of a box :).

7. Get some tattoo work done, not sure what or where, but something, somewhere.

8. Get a couple of new suits. Now that I think about it, my suits are about 15 years old now, I think. And my favorite Pinstripe has just about had the biscuit I believe. So, I think I’m due.

9. If I happen to have a partner at the time, I’d give her gifts, take her out to dinner, then out to the theatre or concert, and so on…

10. And of course, put it into savings.

So there you have it, nothing really overly exciting. $1000 doesn’t last very long around here these days, but still enough to do some good, and a little self pampering. What would you do with an extra $1000 in your pocket?


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