Today I shall paint…

Possible Self-Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

Possible Self-Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning folks, or should I say afternoon, another beautiful day out there. A few things I should take care of today can wait a bit, ’til I finish my tea. Think I’ll take the misfits for a walk, then give them a bath. Then paint. Or at least sketch. I try to follow the 7 Da Vincian principles in everyday life pretty much, which are as follows;

The 7 Da Vincian principles:

1) Curiosità – Quest for Curiosity, both in life and learning.
2) Dimostrazione – Commitment to Test knowledge through Experience and the willingness to learn from mistakes.
3) Sensazione – Continual Refinement of your senses.
4) Sfumato – Willingness to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty.
5) Arte/scienza – Maintenance of balance between science, art, logic and imagination.
6) Corporalità – Cultivation of ambidexterity, symmetry and to be fresh and alive.
7) Connessione – Recognition and appreciation of the interconnectedness in everything you see, hear, feel and touch

Just thought of a great idea, so I’ll go cultivate it and come back in a bit.


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