Godmorgen folklings and other such peoples…

Looks fairly overcast here today, maybe a little rain. Which would be good for the little garden I’ve got, out in front of the porch. My little Cedar doesn’t look too happy though, I should probably give it some fertilizer. The vines are growing just fine, and fast, as usual.

Not feeling overly well again today, still recovering I suppose. Coffee’s not tasting too good this morning, made it a little too strong I think. Jonesing for a little human interaction this morning, but I’m still quite tired and weak. I need some protein, vitamins and assorted other nutrients today I think, get the strength back. I’ll nap first, maybe, then start off making a chicken pasta for a late lunch. If I have the energy, which I hope I do, because thinking about it now has made me hungry. Cripes, I hate being dead tired and hungry at the same time. I believe that’s one of the reasons why ‘fast food‘ was invented :).

But for now I’m laying flat out on the couch, watch some mindless TV, more like use it as background noise, and drift off. I may doodle today, I may not. I really should sort out my paint and see what I’ve got left. Sort out all my other media as well. But I think I’m putting the cart in front of the horse, I’m thinking of all this stuff to do. I need to get better, and get my strength back first, before I start pushing onward. Well, with a stretch and a yawn, I’m off to the couch.



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