The music player gadget in my sidebar…

Well, good morning ladies and gentlefolk, as I may have previously mentioned, I am ill. I have the flu, or some such thing, I feel horrible. Anyway, I’m just writing a few lines stating I’ve added an auto play music player to this blog, just for the fun of it. I’ll change it up every so often to fit the mood I’m in, or something to that effect. You can find it over there in my side bar somewhere —>. Since it automatically plays, just once, you’re probably listening to it right now. If you don’t like today’s selection, or any other days selection, you can just turn it off or turn down the volume. So, you have officially been warned :). I’m going to lay down and die on the couch now. I hate being so sick. Have a good day folks, and be careful out there.

carry on.


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