My anxiety seems to be building up these days, over relationships, my studio, funds, my pack of misfits, and of course the usual, bills and so on. Being a “starving” artist, it gets difficult to keep things under control sometimes. But, you still have to soldier on, to live, to survive. I paint to get some of the anxiety out, sometimes it works.

I think I may head down to coffee culture in a little while, or somewhere. I may bring my book to scribble in, that helps relieve stress and anxiety sometimes as well. I was also pondering the idea of painting a mural on my wall. Although, I don’t think I have quite enough paint for that. Painting or scribbling nothing in particular can be quite therapeutic, just don’t think about it and let it all flow, there is no reason for it to be ‘perfect’. Let go and get right into it, lose yourself in it, get dirty.

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