Today’s meanderings…

Went the the art supply store earlier today, picked up a few things. Then I remembered there was an Arts Festival today. So I wandered over, not much was going on yet, and there were mumblings of cancellation due to weather. Which wouldn’t be the first time. Saw a few friends there, chatted a bit and so on. went back to my flat, started working on a sketch I need to get done. A friend of mine called up and asked if I was going to the festival, to which I said I might. I’d been thinking about it. But I don’t know, I’m kinda’ into this sketch, got to ride the flow. But I might go later, if it’s not been cancelled.

Found images of some paintings hiding in my PC, one of which I painted last year, the other was painted about 10 years ago. I painted a series of Outhouses for a client last year, four paintings of different outhouses, in each season. This one, winter, isn’t too bad, although the scanner bleached it out a bit. Unfortunately this is the only image I have of the painting. The other image, is actually the top portion of the other painting. I wasn’t too happy with the way the bottom half turned out, and I haven’t felt like altering it since. Maybe one day.


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