Little Scruffy Tate needs a bath and a trim …

little Scruffy Tate

little Scruffy Tate

With the warmer weather here, and the days have been quite warm pretty early this year, it’s time to give little Scruffy Tate a trim. Poor little fella gets hot outside easily. So when I come back from doing a few things this morning/afternoon, the little guy’s got an appointment with me, for a bath and a trim. After that, if it’s not too hot, I’ll take him for a stroll around the block, or the park. Then of course I’ll come back for the other two misfits for their turn. I love my little dogs, Quite a range of personalities. They’re all different, in every way, more or less. I got them all from people who no longer wanted them, and they range in age from 10 to 2 1/2 years of age. And since I’m out of biscuits, I think I’ll buy some while on my travels this morning.

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