Relaxing at Coffee Culture

At Coffee Culture this morning...

At Coffee Culture this morning…

Went into town this morning to get a few things done, thought of stopping in Coffee Culture for a java or two. So here I am, it’s not overly busy this morning, but lots of chatter. It’s also kind of chilly out today, so a nice warm brew goes down nicely. Thumbing through one of the local papers, nothing overly interesting. Well, except the Arts Festival this Saturday, which I may go to.
I think I’ll move to the back lounging area, after I get another brew. The lounge chairs are much more comfortable, I’m grabbing a seat by the fireplace. It’s also a little quieter back here as well. I know I shouldn’t stay toooooo long, since I still have some other things to do today. But I’m too comfortable, and I’m loving & soaking in the ambiance. But I’ll be heading out after my 2nd.
Interesting conversations going on here today, you just pick up bits and pieces but you get a tidbit of something every so often. Not that I eavesdrop, not at all. I don’t care about other people’s conversations, but you can’t help hearing the bits and pieces. No one carries on a quiet conversation it seems. But that’s another reason why I like this place, interesting people come wandering in here.
Well, it’s time for me to get going, must do a couple things before I get back to my flat.

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