The Goldfish Tank

My Goldfish

I’ve been thinking of moving the Goldfish tank, but first I’d need to clean it. I think it may be time to change up the gravel as well, get some other colour. And maybe a new filter, or a few new little fish. I find sitting back watching my fish to be quite soothing and relaxing. I like watching them swim, twist and turn, almost effortlessly. The sheen of their scales reflecting the light, I’ve been thinking of painting them for awhile now. Hmm, maybe I’ll start something of it this weekend, maybe. I should go sketch this out, before I lose this vision of it in my head. But first, put the water on for pasta.


2 responses to “The Goldfish Tank

  1. I love fish tanks but with a toddler and a cat it would not be a good idea for me to have one at the minute. i do love the idea however of having one of those giant ones that are literally built as a wall..oh well maybe if the novel sells until then only in my dreams

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