Today’s experiment…

Today I believe I’ll do a little social experiment, and not contact a single person today, and see who contacts me. For no reason whatsoever. One thing that bothers me, are people, especially friends & family, that don’t do what they say they are going to do, if you don’t actually think you are going to do it, then don’t fkn’ say you will. Or just call you when they need something from you, not because they give a shit about you at all. It’s early and I’m getting myself a little irate already. Well, I suppose I’ll start the coffee, wander outside to see if feels like rain or not. Think I’ll also reclaim my bed. Since my split up in………September, no August I think…..whatever, any way I’ve been sleeping on my couch, which is quite comfortable really. It’s over 20 years old, and it’s taken a little beating over the years, but it’s still comfortable as hell. There’s plenty of room, but during the night, my misfits like to cuddle up to me. There’s enough room, but range of motion is a little limited. Was also thinking of painting but I’ve lost interest in it today, maybe later.

Another thing that bothers me, people that don’t listen. People that talk just to hear themselves talk, but don’t listen to you when you speak, or don’t even bother to pay attention. Therefore it’s obvious what they actually think of you, and have no respect for you at all. The best thing to do in a situation like that is tell them to go fist themselves.

Well, it’s early still, and I’m starting to fall back asleep. Need a java, I’ll be back later.


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