Thinking of putting some old paintings out there locally…

Maybe there will be an interest, they were done during a dark time, a time of solitude and of abandonment. This was about 10 years ago, and I’ve kind of lost interest in them. I think there are about five paintings of a series, and a few singles of something different, but similar theme. I’ll post a photo or two here, or maybe Flickr.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do dark themes, just not that type anymore. But currently I’m doing portraits, which of course (well, with this set anyway) are lighter, joyful, happy, and so on. When I paint or sketch my own work, the themes tend to flow with the seasons, and naturally what I’m feeling about it.

This is only a portion of the painting, the focal point.


Please excuse the watermark, this the only image of this painting I have in my system at the moment. This is just a single, not part of the series. Acrylic on canvas, I believe it’s about 4’x2′. Painted in 2003, I think. Id have to look at it again, my aging memory is iffy sometimes. 🙂 I believe I painted this between April and June of 2003, in the old apartment I was living in at the time, which isn’t far from here.

the colours aren’t quite right in this photo.


This one is also acrylic on canvas, painted in 2003. I don’t really remember painting it though. This painting is part of the ‘Scarecrow’ (in Winter) series. The second one I think, not that it really matters, they’re not numbered. Whether or not they’ll be of any interest, I don’t know. But I just figured I’d throw them out there and see what the feedback is. Time for more coffee.


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