Oh the humidity…

It’s a hot and humid one out there today folks, a beautiful day still, at least I think so. Just puttering around today, thinking of painting or sketching. Brewing some coffee at the moment, thinking of possibly giving little Scruffy Tate a bath and a shave. With his long fur, he overheats quickly in the summer, and can’t be out for long. So I believe it’s time to give him a little trim. The other two are fine with their short coats, but they are also kind of pudgy, so they overheat fairly quickly as well.

Thinking I should also fire up the old dehumidifier. I was thinking of selling it a couple months ago, good thing I didn’t. I forgot how much I need it in the basement of this 100+year old house, it keeps my papers, books, sketch books and paintings from moisture, and it gets damp down there sometimes. A couple things have been ruined so far down there. But I believe it was due to a leak from upstairs two summers ago.

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