An excerpt from the ‘Wandering in the Dark’ journal

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is an excerpt from my journal ‘Wandering in the Dark’, this tidbit is taken from a entry dated April 4th 2010, and describes a dream I had the night before. I’m publishing it as it was scribbled down, word for word, so bits of it may not flow or make sense. Also, any comment or added description, explanation, etc… from today, will be marked as – (* *), and since it’s word for word, spelling may be iffy. Enjoy.

April 4th 2010

“I had a dream last night where in I was outside, at night, and it was pouring rain. I was holding something about 3’x4′  (*since I don’t remember this dream, I’m thinking 3’x4′ might actually mean 3″x4”, but I’m not sure*) with a hole in it, and flat. I was trying to cross a bend in the road/highway, and as I was waiting for a break in the traffic, an electrical storm was overhead. A very powerful electrical storm, something I’ve never seen, or possible. I made it under a bridge no far away, hoping not to get hit by these intense forks of lightning. I watched above hoping not to get zapped under this odd bridge. The Item I was holding disappeared. (side note, before this as I was walking in the rain, I was thinking of college, going back, etc… but it seemed I was younger, and not at my current age) As I was under the bridge, it seemed to be moving, (*sliding/gliding*) and as it was traveling along, the storm raged overhead, and I was still under it. As it traveled along it seemed I was heading in the direction of ‘home’. My parents house (?), but not. As the bridge glided close to ‘home’ , I leapt (*leaped*) out, hoping not to get zapped by the storm still overhead, onto a chain link fence and held on (I remember the links were black) and as I held on I watched the bridge, and storm, go by. I then proceeded down a road, surrounded by hills (?), still night, I see a bicycle in the road, I think (*to myself*) ‘someone can hit that/run over it’ so I move it/flip it over to the side of the road. I get to the house/home ? it’s up a hill (?) lights on inside (?) and/or on porch like area. At first I’m walking up path ? but I start to crouch (?) as it gets steeper (?) and it’s harder to get to the top (?) I start to almost crawl, thinking of reaching to grab onto the grass to pull me up hill. Longer grass and bushes (?) on the sides ? I wake up about then, I think. That was only part of a larger, longer dream, of which I can’t really remember.”

There will be more to come. Maybe I’ll pick out a much earlier entry next time, something a little more interesting. Anyway, until next time (or later on) , cheers.

carry on.


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