Looks like a wet one today…

Looks like rain today folks, which will be good for the gardens and so on. A lot of things need doing today, in the garden and elsewhere. I’m hoping it doesn’t thunder today, that pumps little Ebony full of anxiety and she shakes and pants and tends to chew stuff and so on. Ebony is my little Jack Russel Terrier. But it doesn’t look too bad out there, nor does it call for a thunderstorm today.

A good friend of mine is having a medical procedure done today, I’ll be sitting in with her this afternoon because she’ll be a little under the weather with the drug(s) they’ll give her for this procedure. I’m hoping all goes very well with her today. Which reminds me, I should go get a physical done soon. I also think I have x-rays that I should get taken as well, I have the sheet for it somewhere. Oh, and a sheet for some blood work as well, see how the innards are working. As you can guess, I generally procrastinate when it comes to getting anything medical done, which, with my aging self, should keep better tabs on.


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