A few things, that irritate me…

English: Frame from the trailer for MGM's 1947...

English: Frame from the trailer for MGM’s 1947 film The Hucksters showing Sydney Greenstreet as Mr Evans pounding the table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s early, and the fact that I woke up so early irritates me, however I shall move on to the more irritating occurrences in life. And a few of them are as follows…

1. Chew your food with your fkn’ mouth closed! nuff said on that.

2. A 40+ year old person, like myself, that uses the current slang terms of today’s teenage folk. Guess what, you’re not the perpetual teenager you think you are or want to be, it just sounds foolish coming from you. I realize you are terrified at the fact you are starting to get old, such is life, so fkn’ deal with it. Or, just carry on, and just ‘chillz yo, kick back n listen 2 them sick epic beats yo’.

3. If you take your little pal for a walk, pick it up, don’t leave your pal’s poops behind. You’ve been wiping your own asshole for how long now? So stooping to pick it up with a plastic poop bag shouldn’t be a big deal then, get over it.

4.  Slow people. Drives me mental, if you feel like meandering along, or are just like that all the time, please have some consideration and get the fk’ out of the way. Thank you.

5. Ignorance. nuff said.

6. Liars. Don’t lie to me, either I’ll know, and not care but consider you untrustworthy. Or, I’ll know, and call you on it, and still consider you untrustworthy. Either way, not worth my true friendship, or acquaintance.

7. Not getting my order right, please try harder next time, if you don’t mind.

8. Start texting someone whilst I’m having a conversation with you. If someone is dieing fine, but if not, put the phone down or I’ll poke you in the fkn’ eye.

Well that’s it for right now, I’ve managed to irritate myself, or maybe I’m irate because I’m out of cigarettes. Not sure, but stay tuned for more things that irritate me.

As you were.


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