Ignorance isn’t bliss for long.

I’ve always said that the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ would bring humanity to the brink, or even to an end. Nowadays, since it seems the ‘Sins’ are ‘cool’, people are just as ignorant, or even more so, than they (we) were 100 years ago. I’d like to thank the murderously greedy gluttonous vain lazy f’ks out there, thanks man……Oh and sorry kids, you’ll be coming of age in a world of shit, good luck with that. Maybe the this new generation will figure it out, hopefully. Or maybe they’ll see that the majority of us now don’t pay that much attention to these issues, halfheartedly at best, and figure everything will be just fine and someone else will take care of it. It’s that kind of blind contentedness that got us into this mess, every generation cares only about the ‘Now’ and “chill” and figure ‘Ahh, that’s what “they’ve” always said’, and expect it to fix itself somehow. Every generation, the standard goes higher and higher, and the want/need goes higher and higher. Not dramatically as to cause much of a global issue all at once, but at a slow enough pace so that we don’t really notice it and become accustom to it. It’s like snake venom, get bitten and you’re in serious trouble, but feed it to yourself at a low dosage slowly over time and you get used to it, and now you can survive that snake bite and feel safe. Which is all well and good. Until a different species of snake that you weren’t counting on bites your ass, and kills you. Yes, it’s true that folks have been saying this kind of thing for many years, but ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away won’t fix it. One day we’ll all wake up one morning in a world of shit, and it’s then we’ll say ‘crap, I guess we should’ve been paying more attention’. Possibly not in our generation, but in our children’s life time for sure. carry on folks, enjoy.


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