Osama Dead?

Well, Osama Bin Laden has been pronounced dead. How about that.

It seems fishy to me, and this is why…..

They claim they stormed some “mansion” that he had been hiding in, in plain sight.
The news rooms all show some room in disarray, with blood stains, etc. This could be anything.

They say that the photo(s) of Osama’s dead face is “Still recognizable as Osama, with a little help from ‘Facial Imaging’ software”.

Osama was quickly buried at sea. They say so as not create a martyr’s shrine in the future. Well, if the US had Osama’s body, they could secretly bury it anywhere, or even keep his body secretly anywhere. Give me a break. What they’ve effectively done is ‘lose/hide the evidence’. Osama wasn’t a sailor, nor was he killed at sea, and Islamic law (from what I understand anyway) only buries at sea if it is absolutely necessary, and the US stated that they handled his body under Islamic law.

They also say that they have Osama’s DNA to be tested. Well, they need to ALREADY have a sample of Osama’s DNA to compare it to, to get a match. They could use a relatives DNA, but all that would prove is that they were related, it wouldn’t prove it was Osama. There are no names stamped on DNA folks, You can only get an exact match with a sample from the same organism to compare it to.

Even if they did somehow have a previous DNA sample from Osama, where did they get it from? Are they absolutely sure it’s his?

Or, do they have Osama captured, and not killed, torturing him somewhere secretly. Or, have they ‘collected’ him, like the US ‘ collected’ Nazi scientists at the end of WWII, before the Soviets could.

Obama also does need some sort of ‘Morale booster’ for the American public, with the skyrocketing gas prices, struggling economy, etc…

Although, if Osama isn’t really dead, I wonder if he would release a video recording of himself stating that he was in fact, still alive.

All I’m saying, is not to believe it all right away.

The US government never lies though, right? Let’s just see how all this plays out shall we?

Carry on.


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