Nostradamus 2011 predictions…..

Well it looks like we’re a month into 2011 folks, Let’s see what’s predicted for this year shall we? According to Nostradamus that is. He predicts, and I quote (in English)…..


“Pau, Verona, Vicenza and Saragossa

Their swords damp with blood of distant lands

Will suffer an evil plague, borne by a shell

Relief may be near, but the remedies are far away.”


And the second prediction for 2011…..


“The gods will fool mankind, making out

That they are the authors of a great war

Once, the sky was free of hardware

But now, on the left, there will be great damage.”


Now then, not being a believer of his prognostications myself, since he’s been wrong more times than not, I wonder what will come of this. Although people tend to give his predictions a little twist to fit an event after the fact. Anyone can make a generalized prediction into the future, and if you give out 100 predictions, and get several right, suddenly you’re a great seer. When really, you’ve just played the odds of chance.

In that sense, I predict the Leafs will win the Cup next year…..lets see how that plays out shall we.


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