Government and 2010…

Do the governments of the world really have plans in action, in light of ‘2012’, to build huge underground bunkers/dwellings in order to save the rich and the elite? If so, then that would imply that they don’t really care about us ‘regular Joes’ of the world. The ones …that are the real backbone of our countries. If your government won’t care about you then, what makes you think they care about you now? This would also imply, in my mind anyway, that the governments also have plans to ‘thin the herd’ in our world population. I understand of course it would be impossible to save everyone if such a thing were to occur, but they should at least try. And why keep it all secret? Why not work with the populace to have some sort of working plan in the process? I’ll tell you why. MONEY. Well, that’s my thought for today. Maybe I’m just a little cranky since I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

Carry on…

Posted by: T.D. Nicholls

©2010 T.D. Nicholls, All Rights Reserved.

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