Today’s Rant

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, just getting out a quickie this morning. Let me grab a java first, mmmmmmmmm smells good.

Are we now going backwards ladies and gentlemen, weren’t the 90’s and early 2000’s about loving who you are, respecting yourself and each other. ‘Cool’ kids and ‘nerds’ respecting each other and hanging out together, no more (well, not as much) social separation, giant walls coming down, etc…etc……I happened to see this ‘Cover Girl’ commercial the other day with Ellen Degeneres…………where

she states, and I quote, “Inner beauty is important, but NOT as important as Outer Beauty”……..Are you serious?! Sooooo…… telling women every where that who you are on the inside is ok, but……..what’s ‘most important’ is how you ‘Look’ to the world? What does this teach young girls? I see 6 and 7 year olds being concerned with what they wear and how they look, and get upset & are afraid to wear something if they think they will get laughed at. Are you fucking serious!? 6 & 7 year olds!? I blame the U.S. to start with (that, and bad parenting as a result of this society) and it’s insecurities as a nation, and the utter sewage that comes from it (Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, etc…etc…I could go on forever). But I’ll get to that another time, since I’ve noticed a few things on this particular issue recently, and how it’s effecting Canadians. Anyway, I also look at the Kids shows, and the young adult shows on the boob tube, and most of it is crap. Even kids shows have female characters that are half dressed in tight clothes, and are made up to be impossibly attractive…WTF? Who also have disrespectful-smart-ass-ed attitudes and are way toooo concerned about fashion. I thought we, as a society, were addressing the self-esteem issues many people have, especially young girls. It’s not the fashion & Glamour sheep who are at fault though, they’ve been programed to be that certain way in order to get the attention and love they’re looking for. It’s the Fashion & Glamour ‘Sheppard’s’ that are to blame, who in turn, have their own issues. It’s these dictators that need to be dealt with, and helped. People, PLEASE, don’t be fooled. ‘Inside’ is MOST important First, the rest comes after. My partner, or girlfriend if you will, knows first hand what all this bullshit does to young impressionable minds, as she deals with young females with these issues (among others) as her job.Let me try and put this in perspective……………you have your inside self (basically, ALL that you are is in that grey matter between your ears, THAT is YOU). Then, you have your outer self, if you are more concerned with prettying it up to look ‘Hot’ and neglect the inner you, it’ll end up killing you one way or another, and it’s not just yourself you’d be hurting. NOW, think of it this way….you have a flashy car (representing the outer you) that you spend stupid amounts of time and $ on to make it look ‘Hot’ in order to get the attention you think you need. But, you’ve been neglecting your own health, so much so that you are quite ill and can barely function, but you don’t care, the car (outer you) looks hot. You’re behind the wheel (‘you’ represent your inner self [brain] at this point). You’re out cruisin’ society, ‘lookin’ good, but barely able to keep it together. But you don’t care, nobody can see ‘you’ in here, the outside looks ‘hot’. Finally, it comes to a point were you are too ill from ‘inner’ neglect, and the strain from trying to keep it all under control (and/or trying to maintain the illusion of you having control) is too much and you crash, totaling the car AND yourself………nuff said…………………Think of life as a sweet iced cake, you don’t ice the cake before you bake it. It’s what’s inside the cake that makes the cake, the icing is really just a self indulgent filler for that sweet tooth. Treat life like baking a cake and you’ll have a sweet life…….Hopefully anyway.


People, please…………..don’t take steps backward, (which seems to be the current trend) don’t hide what’s inside. Don’t ‘Cover up’ any self-esteem issues. Build up your self esteem from the inside, it’s a much more stable foundation for a successful life. If you need to talk, then do so, find someone to talk to either professionally or not, just do it. There is no shame in it. Take care of what’s inside FIRST, then do a little work on the outside ‘if’ it’s actually necessary. Here’s another example (I’m getting metaphorical again, but if it helps someone…….) ‘You don’t fix-up the outside of the house, if the inside is rotting out’.

It’s hard enough trying to get the young minds to understand what’s most important, when the ‘social vanity’ disease is everywhere out there. We, as a society, really don’t need another pathetic ‘beauty’ commercial telling the depressed impressionable populace that it’s not good enough, or acceptable, being you.

I think I’ve had, just a little tooooooooooooo much coffee. Well, it’s time to head to the supermarket for some goodies. Hopefully we can find more Quinoa, last time we were lucky.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, be good to each other and be careful out there.
Carry on.



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