the passing of Oscar the Ferret…

oscarWell, I’ll make the first posting at this blog about the unfortunate passing of Oscar the ferret. Oscar was quite a little character I must say. We took him in about 3 years ago, from a couple who were looking for a good home for him, since they no longer wanted to look after him. He was 2 years old at the time. Or at least, that’s what his previous owners figured. He was also quite a curious little bugger, and cute as a button. But unfortunately, his health had been failing lately. And I considered taking him to the vet to do what anyone with a good heart hates to do. But, last night as I cuddled with him in a little towel to keep him warm, he had what appeared to be a seizure, and passed away about 9pm in my arms. He will be greatly missed.

We love you Oscar, we’ll never forget you.  I could write much more about you, but maybe I’ll save that for another time. Rest in peace little buddy.

Love, tn.

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